Armassglass that  has 25 years  experience on changing needs of the defense industry, improving day by day and innovation, is working non-stop to meet the same flexibility, has meets increasing national security needs around the world and provides a clear view as well as a safe working environment officials.

Armassglass has been serving to defence industry for years with safety for all segments of military vehicles.
Armassglass that takes place between you and danger to provide living in safe for every individual, improve her glass products as bullet resistant without compromising the quality of vision and esthetics at the age of 21th century that has great risk on security needs.
It is now unpredictable that when or where the danger comes to public and civil buildings under the conditions of variable security issues in the world. Armaglass that has been completed hundreds of architectural project around world, continues to reach her aim that is providing a peaceful environment and protecting the valuabler for humanity.
Armassglass that is providing peace and security with their high quality glasses which is not affected even the worst weather and sea conditions, is the solutions and project management company in  bullet proof glass sector to provide maximum security armed and individual sea vehicles as well as on buildings and road transportation vehicles.